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Boss Brew Coffee

African Espresso

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The African Espresso is a blend of arabica beans from Kenya, Tanzania, and Ethiopia, whose rich flavor will leave you wanting more. This combination of beans from the African continent produces a full body and a smooth, even clean taste. It is sure to give you the energy boost you need for your day. 

Enjoy our rich, silky, and bold African Espresso with your favorite milk or creamer for an all-day treat! Our Belgian-style coffee is made with the perfect balance of the sweet, fruity notes of the African beans that are roasted in small batches for utmost quality. With premium bright and pronounced notes from the African Continent.


Customer Reviews

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Emmy William
quite creamier than other coffees

It is not unworthy if I say I am crazy about coffee. Seems nerdy? Yes, it is, but this is true. I always keep on exploring different flavors of the coffees but I got the best one from a friend's pantry. My friend Liana is also a fan and she offered me a mug of coffee that was really different in taste and quite creamier than other coffees.